Teddy Bears

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Peek-a-Boo Bear Stuff Toy

Peek-a-Boo Bear Stuff Toy

This bear features a movable mouth and arms, as well as a satin-accented blanket that provides additional tactile sensation. At the push of a button, the bear recites different phrases...
Mickey Mouse Plush Toy - KIDZMART

Mickey Mouse Plush Toy

Rs.1,499.00 – Rs.1,999.00
Bring your child's favorite cartoon character to life with this Mickey Mouse Plush Toy. The soft material ensures comfort and durability, making it perfect for snuggles and playtime. Your little...
Plush Elephant Stuff Toy For Kids - KIDZMART

Plush Elephant Stuff Toy For Kids

Rs.2,500.00 – Rs.5,000.00
This plush elephant stuff toy is the perfect companion for your kids! Its soft materials are sure to provide your kids with comfort and safety during playtime. The toy is...
Brown Bear Water Sprinkler For Kids

Brown Bear Water Sprinkler For Kids

Cool off in style with our Cartoon Animal Shape Water Sprinkler Toy, offering refreshing fun with its 360-degree rotating head and adjustable water spray. Cooling Off from Heat: Let your...
Multi Effects Musical Starry Light Projection Bear

Multi Effects Musical Starry Light Projection Bear

2 in 1 Starry Lights Bear 2-in-1 soft, cuddly bear projector and nightlight Projects a soothing starry night sky Soft glow in different colors Press the music button for nature...
Doraemon Plush Stuff Toy - KIDZMART

Doraemon Plush Stuff Toy

Rs.1,999.00 – Rs.3,450.00
This cute Doraemon plush is made of premium material quality, providing you with a soft and durable toy. Its vibrant colors bring a smile to your face and make Doraemon...
Tom & Jerry Stuff Toys - KIDZMART

Tom & Jerry Stuff Toys

Rs.2,660.00 – Rs.3,999.00
Tom & Jerry Stuff Toys are a fun and timeless way to bring home nostalgia from the classic cartoon. Each toy is expertly crafted with high-quality materials and premier stitching....
Plush Toy Pooh Stuff Toy For kids - KIDZMART

Plush Toy Pooh Stuff Toy For kids

Rs.1,999.00 – Rs.3,499.00
This plush Pooh toy is perfect for providing your child with hours of entertainment. With its soft body and detailed features, this toy will make a great buddy for your...